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Tetsunori X Volcom capsule collection

Volcom is proud to collaborate with Japanese artist and musician, Tetsunori Tawaraya for a small capsule of tees, hats and a killer woven button up.

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Recent News + Video

Divergent Everymen ft. Deth P Sun & Henry Jones at the Volcom Garden
Show runs August 19 - September 5, 2017 On Saturday, August 19, Divergent Everymen, a two-person art show featuring Deth P Sun and Henry Jones, opened at the Volcom Garden in Austin, TX. Henry Jones was on hand to talk to the crowd about his iconic skateboard drawings (and to crack a few cold ones with the boys). A heated best-trick contest sponsored by No Comply skate shop went down on the mini ramp with Sunny Sous taking home the prize package by way of a blunt nose grab to fakie on the makeshift pole jam. Good vibes and cold drinks flowed throughout the evening as visitors indulged themselves of Deth and Henry's work displayed on the walls. Check out the artists' limited-edition Garden tees, available exclusively online at or at the Volcom Garden: Deth P Sun Garden Artist Series Tee Henry Jones Garden Artist Series Tee   Text GARDEN to VOLCOM (865266) to receive updates on events, limited products, exclusives, and more! The show title, Divergent Everymen, references the everyman character which is present in both Deth and Henry's work. Deth's adventurous cat character leads his audience through run-of-the-mill, common-man dwellings, as well as mystical lands filled with dense foliage. His colorful approach coupled with space-like settings gives the viewer something to study intently, and we are extremely happy to have him show his work at The Garden. See more of his work on or on his Instagram: @dethpsun Art by Deth P Sun Henry Jones' illustration style is deceptively simple. He's a master at creating drawings that echo skateboarding and shine light on everyday situations all skaters can relate to. His work touches on skateboarding's whimsy and mystique better than most, molding characters onto a blank page with thick lines and bold colors. Henry has collaborated with a handful of reputable brands, and we are stoked to have him show his art and insight into skateboarding's preserved culture. Check out more of his work at, his Instagram @henryjones, or if you're around Austin, stop by the Volcom Garden through September 5 to see it displayed on our walls along with Deth P Sun's artwork. Henry Jones Henry Jones standing next to some of his art. Inside the Volcom Garden Deth P Sun Deth P Sun Deth P Sun Henry Jones Henry Jones Henry Jones If you ever find yourself in Austin, swing by the Volcom Garden and check out the art and limited goods we have to offer. The space is open seven days a week, so no excuses! Well, unless your excuse is that you're currently dead. We'll accept that one. Hope to see you soon. - Michael Sieben, Curator at the Volcom Garden   The Garden is located at 1209 E. 6th St. in Austin, TX, and is open 7 days a week.
Volcom and PangeaSeed Foundation Team Up to Generate Environmental Awareness Through Art and Activism
Volcom is proud to announce a partnership with the PangeaSeed Foundation, an international collective of artists and activists whose mission is to harnesses the power of art, science, and creativity to generate awareness and effect positive change surrounding global ocean environmental issues. Their mission aligns perfectly with Volcom’s sustainability efforts and overall approach, so teaming up created an opportunity to reach even more people who care about our oceans! The collaboration kicks off for Fall '17 with a collection of graphic tees and a custom recycled PET boardshort featuring the work of two female artists: Bay Area artist Lauren YS and Australian street artist Vexta. Both artists have created murals for PangeaSeed’s groundbreaking Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans program, which places large-scale, ocean-themed murals in coastal cities around the globe, with supporting festivals that promote local environmental education programming. Shop PangeaSeed X Volcom Collection PangeaSeed x Volcom Collection The Volcom X PangeaSeed Collection now brings that art to everyone while also supporting the outreach efforts of the foundation. “We’re excited to launch the new product range with Volcom,” says PangeaSeed founder, Tré Packard. "To be able to collaborate with a brand that shares similar passions for the arts and the environmental preservation is exciting.” Packard will be field-testing the Vexta Boardshort this summer while shark tagging in Mexico and Japan. The collection includes a tee design by Lauren YS featuring an infinity symbol of entangled octopi. From Vexta, there’s a tee design featuring a mermaid and a shark, as well as a men’s boardshort featuring the colorful print pattern derived from the mermaid. All pieces feature custom co-branding and are available at This collection features the work of an artivist and is intended to inspire positive change in our ocean and environment. A portion of proceeds from this product will go toward PangeaSeed's mission of using street art to inspire thought and stimulate dialogue around the world. PangeaSeed Founder, Tré Packard   The Artists Behind The Collection VEXTA Vexta is a self-taught street artist from Sydney, Australia with a bohemian heritage. Her bold and extravagant artworks have invaded our visual landscape from Melbourne to Mexico and everywhere in between. She is a nomad of our modern times, viewing the world through her psychedelic kaleidoscope. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Vexta spreads her vision across the continents and countries, studios and streets, balancing exhibitions, commissions and creative ventures alike. She has exhibited extensively across Australia, Europe, and North America, including The National Gallery of Australia and has her work held in numerous public, academic and private collections globally. See more of Vexta's art at LAUREN YS Lauren YS is a Bay Area artist whose work is influenced by multiple stages of focus, both geographically and in practice. With dynamic bouts in academics, literature and writing, teaching, illustration, and animation leading up to her arrival in the street art world, the influences of these phases of her own career add up to a robust style of murals and fine art. Lauren’s work aims to create and populate a misfit wonderland in which imaginary heroines can address the absurdities of reality in the confines of a page or a wall. Dreams and mythology add to the myriad of influences that stem from her upbringing in Colorado and her time spent at Stanford, writing for Juxtapoz, working at DreamWorks, and teaching english to high schoolers at San Francisco’s 826 Valencia. Check out more of her work at ABOUT PANGEASEED FOUNDATION: PangeaSeed Foundation is an international non-profit organization acting at the intersection of culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of our oceans. PangeaSeed Foundation aims to empower individuals and communities to create meaningful environmental change for oceans through ARTivism, education, and science. PangeaSeed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. ABOUT SEA WALLS: ARTISTS FOR OCEANS: Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans is a groundbreaking public art project created by PangeaSeed Foundation and supporting artists to help bring the beauty and the plight of the world’s oceans to the streets around the world. Collaborating with internationally renowned artists, large-scale murals and sculpture focus on pressing issues such as overfishing, plastics and pollution, global climate change, and habitat loss.
The Irrational Pursuit, The Exploration Of "This"
What connects a ballet dancer and a skateboarder? A musician and snowboarder? Dive deeper with us as we journey into the 'True To This' mindset, exploring what it means to let go and let the irrational pursuit of your passion take over. Featuring the most diverse compilation of Volcom ambassadors ever assembled in a short film since the inception of the brand, these influential and legendary Volcom family members pull back the curtain and get real about that special place they all go to in their head and what it takes to get there. No matter if you're skater, surfer, snowboarder, maker, activist, techie, foodie, entrepreneur or inventing something entirely new, it's impossible to deny the vast parallels of life when they are led by the same internal force… passion.
Sustained Harmony Opening at The Volcom Garden
On Thursday, June 29, The Volcom Garden in Austin, TX, hosted its third art show, Sustained Harmony featuring new works by legendary skate-graphic artist Don Pendleton and Austin local (and general badass) Mike Combs. With a new four-foot mini ramp in the backyard courtesy of Ryan Corrigan, a No Comply skate shop best-trick contest went down on the three-foot vert extension. Jeff Rasp took home the title and grabbed a $300 Volcom gift certificate, along with product from No Comply and Program Skateboards. In addition to the art and the shredding, tunes were supplied by Austin bands Growl and Good Field. Stoke levels were high all night, and The Garden has only just begun to grow. Stay tuned to future events via @volcomstudio and get ready for some upcoming awesomeness! Don Pendleton's installation before the show started. Check out Don's limited-edition tee designed exclusively for the event, and the rest of the Volcom Garden Collection only available at The Volcom Garden and online at! Don Pendleton Volcom Garden Artist Series Tee Don Pendleton's wall. Don Pendleton and Volcom Garden Curator, Michael Sieben, discussing who the heck knows!? The evolution of the high-five? Don's wearing his limited-edition tee. Get it now before we run out! Art gazing at the Mike Combs wall. Check out more of Mike Combs work on his Instagram @comberton   New four-foot mini ramp in the backyard is ready to shred! Special thanks to Ryan Corrigan for getting it up. Don Pendleton surrounded us with his iconic art on the walls. Local Austin band Growl kicked the evening off with some rad tunes!   Keep up with future events by texting GARDEN to VOLCOM to receive text message updates! The Garden is located at 1209 E. 6th St. in Austin, TX, and is open 7 days a week.
#ThisFirst ...Make Your Passion Your Paycheck
We're searching the Earth, looking for 15 people who are ready to make their passion their paycheck. 15 people who are ready to say, "F@%k That. This First." So what's your "This"? That one thing more than anything in your life that you are passionate about doing and would love to be able to make your full-time gig. Tell us by entering Volcom's #ThisFirst contest for the chance to win the opportunity to get paid by Volcom while you spend six weeks focusing on your "this". Applying is easy; we've thrown out the traditional job application and replaced it with one simple question, "What's your 'This' and what would it mean to you to put #ThisFirst?". Starting today, you can choose to submit your application with either a video or photo in a comment on our Facebook post or by making a new video or photo post with a caption to your Instagram (don't forget those hashtags); visit the ThisFirst contest page for further details and which is also where you can enter your submission directly to us. Why choose between doing what you love and doing what pays? Let Volcom give you that extra push to prioritize your passion. But don't wait, applications are only being accepted through June 21, 2017. Contest Closed NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to legal residents of the following countries: the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec); France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom; Australia and New Zealand; Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay; Japan; China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, who are 16 years of age or older as of date of entry. Starts 12:00 AM ET on June 8, 2017 and ends 11:59 PM ET on June 21, 2017. The Volcom #ThisFirst Contest is sponsored by Volcom LLC. Void where prohibited/restricted by law. For complete details, see Official Rules at
Jeff Soto Print Retrospective at The Volcom Garden
POTATOSTAMP 15 YEARS OF POSTERS BY JEFF SOTO Words by Michael Sieben, curator at The Volcom Garden I've been a fan of Jeff Soto's artwork since the early 2000s, and I've always wanted to work with him on a project. When The Volcom Garden opened in Austin, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to reach out, invite him to Texas and showcase some of his art (God willing). I knew that Jeff had designed screenprints for most of his professional career, so I pitched the idea of a print show, and, to my surprise, he was totally receptive to the idea. What initially started as a best-of concept turned into a comprehensive retrospective of every print Jeff has designed over the past 15 years, since 2002 when he graduated from art school. Not only was this Jeff's first major exhibition in Texas, but it was the first time all of his prints had been shown in their entirety. For a curator, this is dream territory. Check out the exclusive Volcom Garden collection, only available at The Volcom Garden an online at! We teamed up with Industry Print Shop in Austin to produce two new prints specifically for the event: a limited-edition signed/numbered fine-art print, and a limited-edition gig poster for the gallery itself. Both are available through The Garden. Hit us up @volcomstudio on Instagram. We'll sort you out. This is a photo of Jeff signing the fine-art print to prove to you that he's not actually an art robot sent from the future. I assure you, he's a real man of flesh and blood. I even heard him pee. He's legit. I know this alienates the online audience, but without physically being in the space and looking at the prints in person there's really not a good way to understand how detailed and amazing Jeff's work is. I present to you this close-up image of one of his prints so you can get a glimpse into the precision of his work. Jeff is a wizard. A goddam warlock. His art skills kill dragons (bad dragons). He'd make a good president, all things considered. 15 years of Jeff Soto prints During the opening we also printed some hecka limited-edition Soto/Volcom/Garden split-fountain tees. Don't even bother looking for these on eBay. They gone, man. I'd like to thank Jeff for coming out to Texas and sharing his print collection with us. I'd also like to thank everybody that came out to celebrate this amazing body of work with us. The show will remain up until the 18th of June, so swing by if you can make it to Austin in time. If not, there's always the next show. We ain't going nowhere! See more of Jeff's work at and follow him on Instagram @JeffSotoArt! Keep up with happenings at The Volcom Garden on Instagram @VolcomStudio.   The Volcom Garden is located at 1209 East 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Store hours are Monday - Friday, 10am - 8pm.